Five-piece door frame production machine


The model HP5D five-piece door frame machining centre from Pillar Machine is designed to machine parts used in TFL (thermally fused laminate), TFM (thermally fused melamine), paper wrapped, vinyl wrapped or thermofoil doors.

The model performs horizontal point-to-point bore and dowel insertion and panel grooving. It is designed to CNC position a drill spindle, bore a hole, then CNC position the dowel inserter, inject glue or water (for pre-glued dowels), and insert the dowel into the hole.

As well, it cuts a panel groove in the centre section of the inside edge of the door stile and the entire inside edge of the door rail material. Operations begin when a part is placed into the work zone referencing the back and side fences.

The palm button is pressed, and the clamps secure the part into place. The machining is now ready to begin in the work zone.

There are two fixed zones and two pop up zones standard in the base model unit that allows for pendulum processing.

While the one part is being machined, the other zone(s) can be loaded and queued for machining.