Gantry-based routers suitable for three-shift operation

With enough production capability for a three-shift factory, PRSalpha series tools from ShopBot are gantry-based CNC routers.

Using advanced technology for CNC cutting, drilling, carving and machining, the series provides transit speeds of 1800 in. per minute and cutting speeds of up to 600 in. per minute.

Said to be easy to configure and re-configure, learn and use, the CNC routers deliver affordable, full-production performance in digital fabrication of wood, plastic, aluminum and other materials.

The CNC gantry tools are available in 96 x 48, 96 x 60, 120 x 60, 144 x 60 in. versions. Step resolution is rated at .0004 in., with a positional accuracy of ±.002 in.