Hot melt adhesive spreader


The Black Bros. RHM-775 hot melt adhesive spreader is built to handle demands for both reactive hot melt adhesive and polyurethane hot melt adhesive applications.

The spreader is equipped with the necessary features to accommodate RHM/PUR materials:

  • rugged steel frame;
  • drive components on one end;
  • heat connections on the opposite end;
  • easy access to the roll ends for maintenance; large diameter rolls with heavy duty wall thickness;
  • easy roll change;
  • safety glass shielding for visibility; and,
  • vent or port for vapour control/exhaust.

The oil heating unit mounts on the same base as the machine and is sized to meet user needs. Standard units are available from 32 to 74 in. capacity. Units of 74 to 128 in. can be designed and manufactured to customer specifications based on the C-1175 model.