Jointer/planer with 12 in. spiral cutterhead


Dual jointer/planer combination machine model KC-12HJPC from King Canada has a 12 in. spiral cutterhead and 3 hp motor.

The cutterhead is said to be 50 percent quieter than a conventional cutterhead.

Units are designed with precision cast-iron tables, while a parallelogram table adjustment system keeps table close to cutterhead for improved finish and precise depth of cut adjustments, the company says.

The 43 x 6 in. aluminum extruded fence pivots from 0 to 45˚ and a 4 in. dust chute rotates to be used for both jointing and planing operations.

Units have a magnetic safety switch, come with 2 push blocks, set of 5 replacement cutter inserts, two T25 Torx screwdrivers and adjustment hex keys.