Lifting devices simultaneously pivot and rotate materials

The eT-Hover-loop lifting devices by Eurotech are said to help turn flat loads of up to 500 kg easily and without compromising operator health.

The vacuum devices are used for lifting and turning vacuum-tight, flat loads such as glass panes, sheet metal and plastic or wooden boards.

The product range combines simultaneously pivoting and rotating lifting devices with simpler models offering one of the two motions only. It also features devices designed specifically for transporting loads horizontally or vertically.

The series adds a 180° turn to this pool of useful functions. The vacuum is generated by a vacuum pump with an integrated non-return valve, a vacuum reservoir and two solenoid valves for controlling the suction and aeration functions.

An air blower is said to let operators detach the loads effortlessly. In smaller devices with a maximal load of 250 kg, a linear actuator performs the 180° turn. Larger devices in the eT-Hover-loop range use a gear motor.