Masked gangs


Last week we had the misfortune to see a gang of thugs beat up a little queer in Portland, Ore. The victim, Andy Ngo, is a conservative journalist; the thugs, Antfia are ostensibly anti-fascist. 

Kerry Knudsen

But they aren’t anti-fascist, after all, are they? If they were, they would say so. Instead, they are Auntie Fuh. 

They are also cowards. There is something about a coward that has, throughout all history and all cultures, caused nausea in moral people. The Auntie Fuh-ers wear masks to hide their identities, use weapons against unarmed targets, prefer conflict on a 12-to-one ratio and refuse to account for their actions. There is no question that Ngo is 10 times the man that any one or combination of them is. 


In order to know a real anti-fascist, one would need to know what a real fascist is. That is not difficult. Throughout the rise of Nazism in the 1930s, the strong arm of the party was the Brown Shirts. These were people who either felt the world was unfair or said they did, and their stock-in-trade was to break up any show of free expression or peaceable assembly by any political party other than their own. They were known for wearing masks, using weapons against unarmed targets, preferring conflict on a 12-to-one ratio and refusing to account for their actions.  

For what it’s worth, they recruited heavily from the labour unions. This is significant because their prospective enemies were the old, established, monied classes, including the professional military – the bourgeois. The Brown Shirts were the self-professed progressives of the day, and the older classes were the conservatives. 

The conservatives of the time were sometimes fearful, sometimes bemused by the Brown Shirts, most of them thinking they would simply go away. But they did not. Not to oversimplify, but in a point of history very little taught in school, the Brown Shirts and Hitler in one fell swoop turned Germany from a democracy to a dictatorship overnight. 

Actually, three nights. The Night of the Long Knives, as it came to be known, or Operation Kolibri (Hummingbird), saw Hitler’s forces set out and massacre many hundreds of his highest profile detractors, including long-time ally Ernst Rohm. The numbers are not known, but estimates run into the thousands. Men were shot at dinner, at the theatre and at their desks. It was no secret, and anybody left alive after the purge knew one thing for certain: you can disagree with Hitler if you like, but the cost will be terminal and without process or appeal. Progressives expect to be taken seriously. 

My personal favourite anti-fascist was a little Lutheran preacher named Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Bonhoeffer was the son of Germany’s most preeminent psychiatrist at the time, and was truly born to the purple. He positively reeked of entitlement. He was also nauseated by Hitler and his fascists, and thought deeply on the ramifications for a devout Christian taking up arms against evil. Bonhoeffer answered his question for himself, and became a co-conspirator in several plans to assassinate Hitler, even though he came under Gestapo suspicion early in the war, was imprisoned and spent all of WWII incarcerated.  

In the end, Hitler came to believe that Bonhoeffer’s group was responsible for the downfall of the Third Reich and on Hitler’s orders, Bonhoeffer was garroted, naked and alone on a train platform at dawn, April 9, 1945, only three weeks before one of the world’s most nauseating cowards, Adolf Hitler, cried himself to death. Bonhoeffer was one man, no weapons, no allies and standing fully and unapologetically for his own actions. 

Is a picture starting to emerge? 

I would hate to imply that Auntie Fuh-ers are liars and fascists in addition to their cowardice, but it’s sort of inescapable, is it not? It’s not like they are similar to fascists or resemble fascists; they ARE fascistsand their stock-in-trade is labeling innocent people as fascists. 


Yet we let them blather on. What Bonhoeffer saw was the deterioration of the legal system of Germany, the seeding of discontent based on false claims of inequality and unfairness and the justification of using force against identifiable target groups. It started with conservatives, but, as Bonhoeffer’s friend, mentor and fellow German Lutheran pastor, Martin Niemöller, said, “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. 

There is much to be learned about the rise of fascism from pre-war insiders in Germany, and I highly recommend the Bonhoeffer biography Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas. 

Auntie Fuh and all its familiars are on a tear across all of western civilization. I think it’s clear they have no intention of slowing down, and we will either react decisively or pay the price. 

Somebody has to say this. Our fantasy of diversity and multiculturalism is failed. It cannot work. We need one culture with one set of laws for one people. That one culture needs have NOTHING to do with skin colour, sexual orientation, religion or even politics. It must have EVERYTHING to do with one Law, one economy, one educational system, all directed toward discipline, accuracy, truth and accountability. If a law is a law, it has to be enforceable, and it has to have consequences. There is no law that equates beating up gay Asian photographers to free expression or free assembly. Consequences are a form of economy, and if the costs of hurting people get high enough, it will stop. 

It seems we have lost track of reality. Take justice, for example. Justice does not exist for the perpetrator, and justice does not exist for the victim. Justice is for society. Irrespective of how little some of us want to see others bear the full consequences of their actions, there is something noble about just desserts. There is nothing noble about bed-wetting, mask-wearing, weapon-wielding gangs of criminals. There is even less noble about letting them get away with it. 


Last month’s e-letter, Fathers’ Day, drew plenty of comments:

From Razer: Thank you for another of your excellent topics.

You may not want to post my reply and I will understand and respect you for it.

Our society has been declining very quickly these last 20 years and I believe we will be coming to a time soon where those of us less preferred by society will be put down or in prison ed for what we stand up for. If we are not it is likely due us being guilty of the sin of silence.

As you may likely know in my comment type I am a Christian Christ following but still have sin as well. I depend on Grace and mercy undeserved.

I am a father of 5 and a grandfather of 11 going on 12 Lord willing. It is a very humbling state of age and I already know that the work before us as believers is on our knees. The word says we are not to have other gods we serve other that Who is I AM. In this lies the state of our current affairs. May He have mercy on us as we turn back to Him

Kind regards, Ray

Kerry Knudsen says: Thanks for your thoughts, Ray,

We post all responses, so feel free. I think you will find yourself in good company.  — kk

From Kenny Singh: Well said my good man.