Publisher wins editors’ kudos


Kerry Knudsen, publisher for Caledon, Ont.,-based W.I. Media Inc., was recognized in the October 19 edition of the Ethics News Update of the American Society of Business Publications Editors (ASBPE) for his fight supporting quality standards for readers, and against a group of antagonistic suppliers.

“I am very pleased at such high recognition from such a well-respected professional organization,” Knudsen said. “However, it is also saddening to see the damage being caused by the failure to understand and implement simple and well-considered standards. It would be nice if the story were not necessary. It could have been avoided by just a few more days in school.

“The issue,” Knudsen says, “is that when non-professionals try to control trade shows and the media, their competitors lose, the market loses, the show organizers lose and the country at large loses. This is the universal result of these kinds of behaviours, and was the reason for the standards in the first place. For just one example, I did everything I could to save the SIBO show in Quebec against these same guys. By now, everybody should have seen their published announcement of their intention to kill the show. In the case of SIBO, it was simply too late for us to be effective.

“Let’s be frank,” Knudsen says. “These obstructionists are doing more harm to our little industry than anybody. More trouble than the government. More trouble than drugs. More trouble than China. And who is there to stop them, if not an independent press? Where will we all be in 10 years if this gang is running the shows, the associations and the media?

“We have a major trade show, the WMS in Mississauga, coming up next week,” Knudsen says, “and I expect this to be a matter of discussion there. It is time this group of suppliers, comprising the Canadian Woodworking Machinery Distributors Association (CWMDA) and a few wanna-be hangers-on, heard from their customers. We will be available, as well, at Booth #2136.”


Editor’s Note: Although Weinig and Holz-Her are nominal members of the CWMDA, they are not participating in any cooperative effort to boycott, pressure, misrepresent or control media, shows or associations.


  • Congratulations Kerry.

    Can’t help but pass along that I too echo your sentiments and it’s about time it’s recognized!

    Belonging to a few industry organizations, held/holding a number of board positions and giving countless volunteer hours for the good of the whole, that it amazes me how our industry will turn on a dime by twisting words or the situation to make an extra buck or two. Further to that we also have to deal with our customers (contractors) pursuing alternate sources that manufacture by operating under the “farm umbrella” at a level we cannot compete, paying little to no labour costs and not having to pay all necessary appropriate taxes, all the while not realizing they are a large contributor to why taxes keep rising. Of course no political party/person would want to touch this with a ten foot pole. Honoring specifications is a whole other issue and that’s another story for another day.

    Enough of that for now. I’m still of the old school mentality (not being that old) where your hand shake means something and your word can be counted on and still should. Often pushing for honesty and integrity seems to be a daunting task but we must press on for what is right.

    Unfortunately I can’t make it out to WMS this year to congratulate you personally, as in two weeks my daughter getting married but perhaps we’ll meet another time. Until then keep up the good work.

    Rick Mostert | President
    F. C. WoodWorks Inc. –25 Years

  • Dear Knudsen,

    I will be leaving for some rest next week and be back the 24th of November. We must meet!

    Greetings, Carlo T.

  • As a manufacturer I am quite interested in who would stand against integrity in business. I for one, do not want to deal with suppliers that are not upfront and honest with me.

    I enjoy reading the articles in Wood [Industry] Magazine and I am happy the “fight is on”. Great work Kerry!

    Liza Clark
    Fusion Woodworks Inc.