Slant gluers speed production of panels and door frames


The RFsProtech SL series of slant bed gluers from Ogden Group provide for the production of edge-glued panels and door frames.

Used to clamp and cure components for a variety of applications including kitchen cabinets, door frames and furniture, the series is said to require minimal floor space.

The radio frequency technology of the easy-to-operate units is said to have the capability for high production while providing consistent glue joint strength.

Machine specifications include a standard bed width of 36 in. and optional bed width of 48 in., a standard bed length of 48 or 60 in. and optional bed length of up to 110 in.

Standard thicknesses are 2 in., with optional thicknesses measuring 4 in. Generator power is 6 kW standard, with an option to go up to 10 kW.