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It is our understanding an entity claiming to be the “Wood Manufacturing Council” is looking to the industry for input.

Please be aware that Wood Industry magazine and W. I. Media cannot confirm the validity of “Wood Manufacturing Council.” Industry Canada has disavowed any knowledge of “Wood Manufacturing Council.” Requests made by W. I. Media to “Wood Manufacturing Council” under the Access to Information Act have been returned. The corporate identity of “Wood Manufacturing Council” had not been updated the last time we checked for years.

I am vacationing and remote from services, and will research “Wood Manufacturing Council” on my return. Readers will recall a few years back that 95 percent of you wanted us to investigate “Wood Manufacturing Council.” That task is on-going.


Kerry Knudsen, Publisher

  • For the wood industry to be reinvented, we have to adapt new materials components that can provide a new look to the standard cabinets, tables and chairs.

    Example of a component :
    component Material to use reasons:
    1. -handles -Laminated or inlayed shells -Provides that exotic feel
    -trim and drawer /door fronts -metal strips -creates a modern look
    2. -table top -recycled wood – re-purpose effect
    – top edges and nosing – inlayed stone/ polish marble – smooth edges, clean edge
    and defined borders
    3.-chair legs, arm, foot – cast alunimum/cast resin – reinforce durability
    – elevate perceive value
    -table waist and base – inlayed stone, faux leather – promote styles and elegance

    I hope I have contributed something

    Regards, Pete Delantar