Wide belt sanders


Safety Speed has introduced the model 4375 wide belt sander with a 75 in. belt. The unit has 25 percent more abrasive surface than its 60 in. model 3760 belt machine.

The larger belt translates to increased capacity, less heat accumulation, less maintenance and fewer belt replacements.

With an adjustable platen the sanders will deliver a perfect smooth finish every time, the company says.

The sander features photo electric belt tracking, pneumatic belt tensioning, a 2-½ in. graphite covered felt pad and adjustable platen, two rubber-covered pinch rollers of 2-½ in. OD, two 4-¼ in.

OD machined idler rollers with 1 in. bearings and a 5-¼ in. OD rubber-covered contact roller with 1-⅝ in. drive bearing.

The conveyor table is set on four 1 in. acme thread jackscrews. There are two height adjustment indicators, a 6 in. internal dust chute and five emergency stops.